Women’s March 2.0: Still, We Persist

Tens of thousands of Puget Sound residents came out Saturday to mark the one-year anniversary of the Women's March. I've attended both years and here's my report from the ground: the resistance is strong. It's stronger than last year. And it's gaining by the day. What began as a protest to the election and inauguration of Trump — a … Continue reading Women’s March 2.0: Still, We Persist

On Nature and Writing, Fixing Vs. Growing

Last fall I attended an all-day poetry class at Hugo House, a writing center in Seattle. Fourteen writers gathered around a table for poet/teacher Kim Stafford's  "Scattered Eden" workshop, a day devoted to nature and writing, and how the two can intersect and inspire each other. "An oasis," one fellow poet called the gathering when … Continue reading On Nature and Writing, Fixing Vs. Growing

Why blog?

My blog's been in hiding for the last several months. I haven't stopped writing, but I switched it from public to private after a stressful encounter with a follower. I needed to step back and examine what I'm doing here, what I'm doing on social media, and why I do any of it. I haven't … Continue reading Why blog?