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Writing background: Former communications professional turned stay-at-home mom who, in another life, wrote for state legislators, an international conservation group, and a local newspaper.

What’s Rogue Ant? Rogue Ant is a different kind of writing than I did professionally. It’s my personal blog and creative writing home. I write about loss and grief, growing up with a Vietnam Vet, nature, issues and people making news, and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Increasingly, I share “found” or “blackout” poems, and occasionally other poems I’ve written, but most of them I’m seeking to get published elsewhere first. I will post links to published works when/if I have them. I’m just beginning to dip a toe into the rough seas of submissions and rejections.

When I find the time, I write about travel on another WordPress blog, Rogue Ants Travel

leaf cutter ants 1
Where’d the name
come from? I got the name from watching leaf cutter ants in Costa Rica. I was fascinated by a long and tidy line of them walking up a trail we were hiking. Each ant had a piece of leaf in its mouth, and seemed driven by the job it had to do — following the ant in front of them. I could have watched them all day.

leaf cutter ants 3After a while, it was the line breakers who really drew my attention — the lone ants who left the ant train and ventured off on their own. I wondered why. Were they lost? Did they need a rest? Were they tired of following the crowd?

Were they weary of the daily grind and wanted a new adventure? Did they feel stuck in the the wrong job and wanted a new one? Were they sick of others telling them what to do?

Did they just not fit the mold of a typical ant?

I named them “Rogue Ants” and I can relate to many of the reasons I imagined for them. I’m sure you can, too.

Writing opportunities: In addition to blogging, I freelance occasionally and I’m always open to new work.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of Colorado, Boulder. I have a professional certificate in Social Media Technologies and Implementation from the University of Washington and one in technical writing from Bellevue College.

An aspiring poet, I’m also a frequent student at Hugo House, a writing center in Seattle and go to open mic nights at the Redmond Association of Spokenword as often as possible. I’m also a member of a wonderfully talented women’s poetry group that meets once a month in Seattle — they’ve been meeting for nearly 40 years! I’m the newbie and the baby, and I’m blessed they’ll have me.

And the best for last: I live near Seattle with my handsome techie husband; beautiful, intellectually curious, and adventurous daughters; and the world’s greatest rescue dog. I love walking in the woods, especially with a poem in one hand and my dog’s leash in the other. My family loves to ski, travel and wander together.

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  1. Welcome to blogland! I smiled at your career description – very similar to mine (minus awards). I still write for politicians, but never seriously for newspapers. And my two girls appear to be about a decade behind yours. I look forward to reading life from your perspective for a bit of a look at what might be down the road.

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  2. I’ve invited you to participate in “Love In Ten Sentences,” but there’s no pressure to do so. If you would like to participate in this event, you can find the details here… Love In Ten Sentences
    Regards, Ray (Taohobo)


      1. Wow, absolutely awesome! This is turning into great fun as I get to see what’s being created. Julie, thanks so much for participating.


      2. Thanks Ray. I never thought blogging could be so much fun! It’s fun to play with words and meet other bloggers. It’s really opening my world up in a unique way.

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