The last cattle roundup

My cousin is diving into the family genealogy and has been texting me questions to fill in the family tree with names and dates and birth places. This is all good stuff to know and I know some of it, largely thanks to a family tree my grandma helped me fill out in grade school.

But I’m more interested in who they were. Family lore says we’re descended from peasants who cooked for the kings and queens of England.

How did they live? Who did they love? What did they do for fun? Did they have any fun?

I love stories. And thanks to my cousin’s curiosity, I found one, published in February 1951 in Time magazine about my great uncle, Pat Graves. I didn’t know him. My mom didn’t know him. My grandpa — his brother — hadn’t seen him since he was a boy. Grandpa was one of 13 children, he was the youngest and Pat was the oldest.

Does he have a story!

The first image is the link to Time magazine. Unfortunately, it cannot be read without a subscription so I’m including it here (title got cut off). The second and third are the scans of the actual article.

pat graves_Time magazine 1951

pat Graves_Time magazine scan page 1pat Graves_Time magazine scan page 2

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