Found Poems No. 49-52: the Sigh of Trees to Introverts

Last week’s BlackOut Poetry Challenge was to celebrate an Instagram poem with a blackout of their work. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about blacking out another poet’s work.

Can we really find new poems within poems?

The answer turned out to be yes, and kind of.

Here are my selections with full credit to the original authors, all four of whom are the poet-team behind @blackoutpoetrychallenges.

Found Poem No. 49, inspired by Brenda Ross Jette @haikuetry.

Sweet sigh of trees,
a whisper dance of heaven.

2018-April_Sweet Trees page 12018-April-Sweet Trees page 22018-April-Sweet Trees page 32018-April-Sweet Trees page 4

Found Poem No. 50, followed by the original inspired by @bees_buzz.

To pluck pain
love, love,
love, love,

2018_April_Pain2018_April_Pain original by beesbuzz

Found Poem No. 51, followed by the original inspired by @fade.into.a.blackout.

2018_April_Silence2018_April_Silence original by fade into a blackout

Found Poem No. 52, inspired by @recklssprincss.

To be read backwards…

Listen, and know
an introvert.

2018_April_Introvert2018_April_Introvert original by


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