Found Poem #43: Time

I love the sound of this poem as I speak it out loud — the repetitive ‘s’, the way the ‘s’ slows my speech. The brevity of the piece as a whole.

It packs a punch, for me, in this moment. I have one child ready to leave the nest, and another not far behind. I want to stop time and hold it, just for awhile. But I can’t catch it. No one can. The best we can do is to try to remember to pause, and to enjoy the moments as they go by.

Silver thread of time
Soul strung spell of light
Our infinite smallness in the chase

2018_Soul Strung Light page 1-8002018_Soul Strung Light page 2-800

Text note: Redacted from two pages of the Three-Body Problem trilogy by Liu Cixin, in which time means nothing, and everything.

Feature star photo by @jareeign at

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