Found Poem No. 33: Birth

I must admit I did not immediately like Instagram’s Blackout Poetry challenge this week. Use my name in a poem? Ew, I thought at first, that sounds uncomfortable. But I did it anyway because I love this group and I’m a team-poet player.

Here’s the lesson in poo-pooing a poetry prompt. Don’t do it without giving it a chance because you’ll never know where it will take you.

If they hadn’t thrown down this specific challenge, I would not have gone to the bookstore to hunt for Julie’s Wolf Pack. It’s one of three titles in the Newberry award-winning Julie of the Wolves series by Jean Craighead George — and the only text I could think of that had my name in it. 

I found a poem that spanned three pages. It’s quite lovely, I think. Thank you to the late-great Jean Craighead George, for letting me borrow your words.

On the last version below, I removed my name, and recounted the whole poem.

2017_July_Born 1-8002017_July_Born 2-8002017_July_Born 3-800


2017_July_Born 4-800

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