Tree Faces, Part 3

Last year I published two posts about tree faces:

Tree Faces, Part 1
Tree Faces, Part 2

I look for them when I’m out walking my dog, Bella. They’re not hard to spot in the wooded area we live in. It’s a silly pastime, I know, but it’s fun to anthropomorphize them.

In this post, I feature “micro” tree faces. I discovered them in the bark of a large Douglas fir in the park down the street, only because my dog did not want to walk one day last week. Arthritis is affecting her legs and some days are worse than others. Poor girl laid down mid-walk, in a grassy area adjacent to this tree. I let her rest.

Here’s the tree. It’s the one on the right.

douglas fir

It’s a tall one, stretching against the blue sky and competing for sun with the cedar beside it.

douglas fir 2
Here are some of the faces that live within its bark.

tree face 1
A woman’s face, expectant or surprised.
tree face 2
tree face 9
Can you see this one? He is looking off to the right and has a large chin.
tree face 10
tree face 11
tree face 13
Angry. This ones out for vengeance.

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