An 11-Word Poem

Write_elfchen poetry challenge Global Wordsmiths

An elfchen sounds like a character out of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it’s actually an 11-word, five-line poem. Elfchen is German, from the word “elf” meaning eleven and “chen,” a diminutive ending added to nouns to infer something smaller and often affection or endearment. I learned this on wikipedia and here.

Elchens are also called elevensies and follow this structure:

line one: one word
line two: two words
line three: three words (you get the idea…)
line four: four words
line five: one word

There are rules for what each line should contain, but I knew none of that when Global Wordsmiths issued a Instagram challenge to write an elfchen with the first word “write.”

I combined my entry with a photo of one of my tree faces. What do you think?





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