What the Frog?

Watching the CBS Evening News last night, my husband and I choked over this propaganda-filled ad celebrating President Trump’s “successes” during his first 100 days in office. Flippin’ horse hockey, it felt way too much like a campaign ad. Didn’t we just live through over a year of this sh*t, I mean sugar?

To torture myself, I had to look it up on YouTube to see just what the frog it was we just watched. Go ahead, watch it if you can stomach it. Or better yet, just fast forward to :26 seconds.

Did you see that? Did you hear it?

I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message.

Son of a motherless goat. This sure as sh*t is a re-election ad, and there are 1,279 days left until the 2020 Presidential election.

1,279 d-a-y-s. I want to swear like a mother.

So where the shitake mushrooms did I learn to talk like this? Right here in this ad, the perfect companion video to the Trumpster fire above.

Thank the election gods for Melissa Mohr, mom and author of Holy Sh*t, a Brief History of Swearing.  Her official job title, according to Kraft, is “swearing expert.” Don’t you love it?

Seriously, aren’t we all swearing experts after the 2016 elections? Our children, too.


I mean, F-R-O-G.

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