Found Poem No. 14: Life Instructions

It’s a family tradition to stop at a Tim Horton’s restaurant as soon as possible after leaving the U.S. and crossing the Canadian border. It’s become our “hey, we’re in Canada now moment!” and we laugh (and OK, yes, the kids groan and roll their eyes) as we scarf down donuts and coffee.  The chain’s coffee is excellent by fast-food standards, and I like visiting an establishment that we cannot at home. This is not McDonald’s. It’s much better.

While we’re there, I like to pick up an abandoned newspaper to read what’s happening locally. On our recent trip north, I took the paper with me for entertainment on the road. It’s a good way to pass the long miles.

I “found” two poems in a front page article about what locals love about the town they live in. The poems have nothing to do with the article. Here’s one: Valentine’s Day. And here’s the other:

experience with credit

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