Seattle Women’s March, Part 2: Making History

My husband, myself and 19 buses full of my neighbors, joined 175,000 Washingtonians (and estimates could go higher) in a non-violent, uplifting and empowering Women’s March on Saturday. We made history locally and nationwide. It was the largest day of protest — ever.

Power to the people, women! And men and children!

Women may have initiated and planned the day, but we took to the streets together.

“Will I be the only man?” my husband asked the day before.


Hell no.

“Will it be safe to bring my children?” moms asked.

Hell yes, but a good question, and one I wrestled with myself.

My own children were notably and sadly absent from the march, not for their safety, but because they were studying for their math and science finals. Their choice, not mine. I called it “resisting the Trump agenda in their own way.” Their education, their preparation and their skill will be needed soon.

Not one of my daughters, but they would agree.

To march in spirit with us, my daughters made these two signs we carried with us.

My husband carrying our oldest daughter’s sign. She wanted to show her support for immigrants and the LGBTQ community so she translated Lin Manual Miranda’s “love is love is love” Tony speech into Spanish, a language she has been studying for six years. This sign was well received during the march, but not so much on social media. She made it with love and we carried it with love.
My friend, Georgie, carrying my youngest daughter’s sign. A perfect message from my sci-fi fan.

There were so many families and children, they hung from the trees!

hanging from tree

People stood on rooftops and on balconies. They peered out windows.

Even window washers watched. (Upper right-hand corner.)

window washer

It was a momentous day for our country, and a measure of relief after the “American carnage” of Inauguration Day.

We have work to do.

add this sign

There are millions of hands ready to help.


I feature more inspiring signs in part 3 of my women’s march posts. There’s also a part one and a getting ready post.







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