A spider walked across my poem

spider on poem-800

A spider walked across a poem I was editing at my desk today. Do you see her there? She’s in the left-hand corner and she’s blurry.

She startled, but did not scare me. Spiders don’t scare me much anymore. I welcome, with fascination, the webs they weave between the posts of my porch each fall.  In the spring, I can’t help but stop and examine the stacks of hammock spider webs that line the Cedar tree trunks of a nearby trail. And I still think fondly of Charlotte. You know, Charlotte’s Web by E.B. Elliot? Nearly all spiders in our area are as friendly as Charlotte. Or at least they’re not poisonous.

This spider, that landed on my page, was serendipitous. She appeared on a poem in which she (or her kind) are among the main characters. The other two characters are my paternal grandmother and the farm she lived on. I’ve been completely absorbed with this article in National Geographic, about spiders falling from the sky and blanketing a field in Australia.

spider webs farm australia
PHOTOGRAPH BY LUKAS COCH in National Geographic. SOURCE – http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/05/150518-spiders-australia-silk-webs-animals-environment/

This photo inspired my poem. It is not finished yet, but when it is, I hope to submit it somewhere for publication. For now, there’s a sneak peak: spider approved.


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