Tree Face, Part 2

In April I published a post about the tree faces I’ve started to notice while out walking a popular trail with my dog. It was my best-performing post of all time.

I’m back with round two.

This time all the photos come from one strip of trees (pictured below) that line a nearby street. Most of the “faces” I found there resulted from pruning cuts, in contrast to the first batch of tree faces that were all natural. I assume these trees were pruned to keep them from overgrowing onto the sidewalk. I wonder if the person who pruned them realized he was revealing a hidden community of tree people?

The line of trees I photographed for my latest “tree face” installment.

Before you start scrolling through the photos, here are a few other things that are different from my first round. One, many of them are just the eye(s) this time. Two, I’ve  added my own interpretations in the captions. Last time, I left it open to your imagination. Let me know if you agree or disagree, and if you have a favorite!

Note: A few weeks ago the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme was “Face.” That fits well with this post so I’m linking it.   

One: Losing patience.
Two: Surprised, startled.
Three: Hurting, praying, beseeching.
Four: Startled, leery or perhaps assessing the scene.
Five: Worried, sad, pensive.
Six: Bored, resigned, vacant.
Seven: Who me?
Eight: Oh Lord.
Nine: Gasp!
Ten: Shy, modest.


Eleven: Fearful.
Twelve: Angry.
Thirteen: Alarmed, frightened, powerless.
Fourteen: A whistle


Fifteen: Grumpy







2 thoughts on “Tree Face, Part 2

  1. I LOVED the captions…so perfect… but, after I read them I could not see anything else in those eyes. Maybe a numbered list of captions at the bottom so we can see the eyes first, interpret, and THEN, see what you saw? Best of both worlds? Thanks for sharing!


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