A Dem good week, part 3: Rallying for Hillary

mom and daughter rally for hillaryMy youngest daughter and I have been volunteering for the Hillary Clinton campaign for the past couple of weeks. Together we’ve made hundreds of phone calls and knocked on dozens of doors encouraging voters to turn out for Hillary at the Washington Democratic Caucus on Saturday, March 26.

It was partly my idea, but more so my daughters. She loves politics even more than I do. She watches the debates. She wakes up early to watch the Sunday morning political talk shows. All she wanted for her birthday was a subscription to The New Yorker. It’s like Christmas morning when the latest edition of the magazine arrives in our mailbox each week. I love it.

She is still a fan of Bernie’s, but after months of reading and research she decided that Hillary is her choice for president.

“Her policies are more realistic and have a better chance of passing. She has the experience to get to work on day one,” my daughter says.

When I heard on Sunday night—ironically, right after attending the Bernie rally —that Hillary was coming to town for a public campaign stop I knew we had to go to that one, too. We’d just had an awesome experience at Bernie’s rally, just the kind I was hoping for my daughters, but Hillary is the candidate we are working to elect. (At least my youngest daughter and myself. My oldest daughter is undecided and still learning Bernie. She has lots of good company! She had us campaigning for him back in January. Find that story here.)

I asked the amazing young Clinton field organizer we’ve been working with for rally details. She not only offered what she knew, but also preferred seating as a reward for all the phone calls and door knocking we’ve been doing. It didn’t mean we could skip the line, but it did mean if we got to the rally early enough we’d get a good seat once we got in the door.

Fingers crossed that we’d get there in time, we left right after school on Tuesday. By 4:30 we took our place in a line of about 300 or so people at Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School. Our organizer brought our passes out to us and we watched for the next hour as the line grew, snaking around the school parking lot and around the block.

Then we got really lucky.

Just after 5:30, the organizer sent us—and a small group of other volunteers we’ve been privileged to work with—a text to come to the front of the line. Not quite believing what I was reading I asked the folks next to us to save our current place in line, just in case. But there was no mistake. We went nearly to the front of the line! When the doors opened at 6:15 we were among the first groups inside and through Secret Service security.

Does this look like a front-row spot? Almost.

Sara and Hillary

We were so close that when Secretary Clinton finished her speech and exited the stage to greet supporters, my daughter was one of them. She shook Hillary’s hand.

It was better than meeting any rock star.

Madame President, meet my dear daughter.

Dear daughter, meet Madame President.

Now go make herstory. Both of you.





3 thoughts on “A Dem good week, part 3: Rallying for Hillary

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I’m pretty proud of them! I published these posts privately back in March, but I decided to change them to “public” to share them with some friends like you.


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