A Dem good week, part 1: Campaigning with my daughter

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It’s our turn. After watching Iowa, New Hampshire, Super Tuesday, Mega Tuesday, Separation Tuesday and more, Washington residents will finally get to weigh in next Saturday on who we think should be the Democratic nominee for president. Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton? Both candidates have turned up the campaign heat in our state and it’s been exciting.

My youngest daughter and I have been volunteering for the Clinton campaign. She signed up on online first and I followed. Not long after, we were contacted by an energetic young field organizer who was rallying volunteers in our community. Under her direction, we’ve been working the phones and today we knocked on doors for five hours, handing out fliers and talking to voters about getting out to caucus on March 26.  

It hasn’t been easy work. I am rather shy and talking to strangers makes me uncomfortable, but here’s what makes me even more uncomfortable: sitting this election out. It’s been too ugly and downright frightening to sit on my hands. If I can make an iota of difference, I’m determined to get out of the house and do it.

canvas for hillarySo yes, while it hasn’t been easy, I don’t regret a single call or door. Not the angry hang ups. Not the man who called me honey and told me I am uninformed and need to read more. Not the man who told me Hillary is a founding member of ISIS. Not the woman who said she is moving to Canada if Hillary is elected. (I didn’t have the heart to tell her about that country’s universal health care or their progressive new prime minister.)

For the most part, people have been overwhelmingly nice and it’s lifted my spirits to do something positive to counter all the ugliness of this election year.

It’s done my heart good to surround myself with people in my own community who feel the same way.

And the best part of all? Having my enthusiastic and increasing politically active daughter at my side while doing it. She is the sweet icing on the cake. It made me proud to hear her on the phone telling adult voters how, when, where and why to caucus. 

It made me proud to walk door to door with her on this warm and sunny day. While I got a bit tired, she never wavered. She navigated the walking (and driving) map of the houses the campaign asked us to visit. I did most of the talking, but she never hesitated to speak up when asked.  

“Thanks for bringing your daughter out,” one friendly and supportive homeowner said.

“Thanks,” I replied. “But really, she brought me out.”

It was a great day.


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