Dickinson, Mobula Rays and Mother Teresa

Three things that I wanted to blog about this week, but didn’t have time. Here they are in short form.


num 1Emily Dickinson.jpg
The poet Emily Dickinson was born this week, in 1830. In recognition, here is a lovely adaptation of her poem, “Hope is the Thing with Feathers,” read by actress Clare Danes and beautifully signed by a young girl. I wish I could drop the video into this post, but the format will not allow me.

num 2Did you know mobular rays can fly? For that matter, did you know mobula rays are not the same as manta rays? But they are in the same family. I found this video mesmerizing.

num 3A beautiful quote and a timely reminder, especially this week, when the world’s problems seem so BIG.

mother teresa


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