World’s Worst Aunt? Not quite

selfie girlsLast week, I wrote about the untold (or at least, lesser told) story behind the baseball “selfie girls,” a group of sorority sisters who were mocked on camera for taking too many pictures of themselves at a recent Arizona Diamondbacks baseball game.

While it was true they were taking a lot of selfies, their caught-on-camera behavior did not merit the public shaming.

What they did off camera made them deserve it even less. It also made me take a hard look at the stereotypes I buy into and question why I was so quick to judgment.

crazyauntI asked myself again when I heard the “whole story” about the world’s worst aunt, the woman who sued her own nephew last month for an over-exuberant hug that broke her wrist.

“Did you hear about this?” a friend of mine wrote on his Facebook page, with a link to the article. “Insane!”

“Well, she won’t be welcome at the Thanksgiving table,” I heard a network news anchor quip.

Others piled on. “She can use her other wrist to wave bye-bye to the family.”

The Internet quickly crowned her the aunt from hell and even the “Auntie Christ.”

I gotta admit: It sure looked bad. What kind of woman sues her kid nephew?

Well, how about the kind who’s told by her lawyers that under Connecticut state law, an insurance company cannot be named in a suit against a homeowner’s insurance? Naming her nephew was a technicality, she explained in an interview on the Today show.

Her nephew joined her on the show. “She’d never do anything to hurt the family or myself. She loves us,” he said.


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