On the Way

I’ve lived in the same house, in the same neighborhood, in the same community, for 13 years.

I live here, I work here, and my kids go to school here. I know everything about this place.

Or so I thought.

Last year, I got a big, big surprise when the city opened phase two of Evans Creek Nature Preserve right across the street from our neighborhood, two blocks from our home. I couldn’t believe I’d never really noticed this piece of hillside land, where the preserve is now located, despite passing by it on my way to everywhere I went, or came home from, for more than a dozen years.

There was an overgrown turnout there, where the preserve parking lot is now located, and I knew phase one of the preserve was down there somewhere. The entrance to it was three miles away and I’d walked there often since the city opened it three years ago. But I never knew quite where “phase two” was, let alone where it connected. I never would have guessed it was at the end of our street. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees.

Now it’s one of my favorite places. My husband and I go there with our dog a couple of times a week. There are miles of trails. We walk through forests with trees dripping moss, into meadows, and even over a wetland via a long boardwalk built by a group of amazing volunteers. Not too far into the preserve, the sound of cars is drowned out by the sounds of birds singing and a creek making its way down the hillside.

Evans Creek Preserve is now best part of our neighborhood and I marvel at how new this old place feels, even after living here for 13 years. The best part of it had been hidden, in plain sight, for all that time.

dog and creek

forest with moss


WP_20150331_14_17_06_Pro__highres WP_20150331_14_21_13_Pro__highres

(WordPress weekly photo challenge, On the Way)

3 thoughts on “On the Way

  1. How wonderful! Two blocks away. I’m pea green with envy. I used to live in a similar place, but now I don’t think I could possibly live in a denser, more urban environment. Beautiful pictures. Makes me miss Bidwell Park.


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