FLOTUS, Growing Older and Commas

I try not to throw anything away when I’m writing, whether I’m working on an article, blog post or poem. I save sentences or thoughts (partial or complete) that don’t make the cut for the piece I’m writing. You never know if you might need them in a later draft or if they might come in handy for another writing project. I call them “leftovers.”

While my writing leftovers would be as popular on my blog as eating leftover liver for dinner, I do like the thought of sharing leftover ideas. Specifically, things that caught my eye online and elsewhere, throughout the week. Things that I really wanted to blog about, but either ran of out time or need to think more about and come back to later. Things that I believe should be shared.

Here are three things that caught my attention this week and would have made great blog posts.

num 1
Did you see Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon this week? In celebration of the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign she and Fallon reunited for “The Evolution of Mom Dancing 2.” She rocked it, don’t you think?

And in case you didn’t see the first one two years ago…

num 2

I loved this article by fellow 40-some-year-old parent Allison Slater Tate, It Goes So Fast (This is Not a Parenting Essay). We’ve both been busy watching our kids grow. I don’t know how many times family, friends — strangers in the store — have stopped me through the years and said of my children, “it goes so fast.”

I know it’s true. The years have gone by in the blink of an eye, but in all that time, not a single person warned me that the same would be true of me. That while I was consumed with watching and marveling at the growth and change in my children, the same thing would be happening to me.

Slater Tate said it well her in her essay.

Yes, the strangers are right. Yes, the years are heartbreakingly short, even though they are built of the longest of days….watching my children grow up is what I expected to do…What really gets to me these days, though, is how fast I am growing up. I feel utterly underprepared for it. No woman in the Target checkout line has ever touched my arm and solemnly said, “It goes so fast,” and meant my life.

num 3
I love this fun five-minute video on commas and plan to share it with my comma-loving daughters.

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