Blogging in Portland

Good morning everyone,

I’m waking up in Portland, Oregon, in a hotel right across the street from Voodoo Donuts, which my daughters tell me is world famous. They must be right because there was a line out the door at 9 last night! I’ve been instructed to come home with the bacon donuts (or something else similarly weird). More on that later…. I didn’t drive from Seattle to Portland for donuts.

wordpressI’m here to learn about blogging from the people at WordPress. They’ve put together a one-day conference called PressPublish with dozens of experienced bloggers and happiness engineers who will be sharing their knowledge with us. As a brand new blogger, I’m super excited about this. The hardest part will be deciding which of several simultaneous sessions to attend. “Going Public,” “Around the Word in 80 Posts,” or “Writing 101”? Would Writing 101 tell me whether that question mark should be inside or outside the quote marks?

And which session will I attend for the 9:45 session? “Mastering the Dashboard” or “Wild About Widgets?” I want to learn about both.

This is the first Press Publish conference by WordPress. The second happens next month in Phoenix, Arizona. If you cannot attend either, they are live streaming some of the action today.

Cute story. Last night, I checked in for the conference right behind another couple. When asked whether they need a parking validation for the garage, they said, “No, we just biked here.” Yes, I’m in Portlandia. I love this city. And I’m ready to learn.

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