Love in 10 Lines, a poem

heart handsI love a good word puzzle so when Ray (Taohobo) over at Haiku Journey challenged me this morning to write something for the “Love in 10 Sentences” blogging event, my mind went to work as I was stuck in traffic.

The rules:

1. Write 10 sentences of four words each.
2. Include the word love in every sentence.
3. Add a favorite love quote at the end.

I have claimed some poetic license. I wrote lines instead of sentences and used a “form” of the word love in each line. And, the quote at the end is not a favorite, but one I found only today when I was searching for something that would enhance the meaning of my poem.

Love in Ten Lines

Love left for school
at 7:07. Ah lovey
why turn your lovable
cheek from my loving
momma lips? Loving you
hurts as our love
evolves. Turn away, Lovebug.
For the love of
age 13! My love
will wait. Lovesick, Mom


“Kids can be a pain in the neck when they’re not a lump in your throat.”
—Barbara Johnson

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